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Academic Position at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

Posted on 02 January 2013

Human Resource Management & Development (100%) (starting October 1st 2013)


The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at KU Leuven (Belgium) invites applications for an academic position in the domain ofHuman Resource Management & Development.





You are an excellent researcher in HRM and HRD.You are an expert in HRM and HRD, or at least in one of these domains with strong interest in the other field. Your education and training can be based in Psychology, Educational Sciences or related areas. Preferably you have experience in interdisciplinary research. You are a team player and experience organizations as your natural ‘lab’ for doing research.You have demonstrated excellence in research, as demonstrated by publications in international leading journals in the field, and development of new projects, and you are able to attract funding from different sources, including European level projects. You are able to, or certainly have the potential to coach PhD students.



You are an inspiring teaching professor in HRM and HRD.You love teaching, and do this in innovative ways, such as project based learning or case based learning. You like to see teaching as teamwork, and you want to work along interdisciplinary lines. Your experience preferably relates to HRM topics, such as recruitment, selection, motivation, and career development, or in HRD topics, such as professional learning, workplace learning, informal learning and career learning paths. You are willing to develop your knowledge on the crossroads of HRM and HRD, also in your teaching.You like to supervise master theses, and have creative and attractive projects for students to participate. Your teaching will depend on your personal expertise and interests, matching with the current demands and expertise in the group.



You walk the talk and support others.As expert in HRM and HRD you know how to inspire and work with people, meeting the needs of person and organisation. You like to work with practitioners in organizations, and are able to link their needs with scientific and innovative research. You like to participate actively in the academic community, and show servant leadership.




Candidates are expected to have an excellent research record that will reflect positively on the quality and standing of the faculty. The quality of research should be apparent from publications in international peer-reviewed journals. It is considered an asset if candidates can deliver proof of their successful attraction of competitive research funding.


Applicants are expected to have acquired high-level instructional qualities and skills to train and teach future bachelors and masters in psychology and educational sciences. The successful candidate should be prepared to further develop these qualities and skills. 


The official administrative language used at KU Leuven is Dutch, and most lectures and classes are also taught in Dutch. If you do not speak Dutch, you will therefore be expected to learn the language within two years of your appointment. The required proficiency level will depend on the duties assigned to you. If these involve teaching in Dutch, the level required is C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference or equivalent. If you only teach in English or have no formal teaching duties, your Dutch will need to be at CEFR B2 level or equivalent. Dutch language courses are offered at KU Leuven.


If your duties involve teaching in English, the proficiency level required is C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference or equivalent. Academic English courses are offered at KU Leuven.


The applicant is also expected to have the necessary relational skills and leadership capacities to function pro-actively and collaborate in the research team and to build international networks.


In time and depending on the academic degree, he/she should be willing to take up responsibilities in and outside the faculty.


The position requires a Ph.D. or doctoral degree, preferably in Psychology or Educational Sciences or in a related discipline provided that the candidate can demonstrate academic experience in the research domain.


The successful candidate will be appointed in one of the levels of the tenured ranks, depending on the candidate’s qualifications.


The rank of the position is open (lecturer/assistant tenure-track or with tenure, associate, or full), and will be determined on the basis of the applicant’s qualifications. The Belgian university system allows for promotion of rank within the same position.


The University of Leuven is one of the oldest of Europe. Leuven is at the center of Europe, located at 30 km (19 mi) from Brussels and 24 km (15 mi) from a major international airport.


KU Leuven pursues a policy of equal opportunity and diversity.


To obtain more information about this position, candidates can contact the dean of the faculty, Prof. Dr. Patrick Onghena ( or the coordinator of the research unit Prof. Dr. Martin Euwema (

Candidates are invited to apply online at