Formation of IACM in 1986

Report From M. Afzalur Rahim
Signal Volume 01 No 01

"The need for the formation of the Conflict Management Group* was first discussed informally with several faculty members attending the 44th (August 1984) annual meeting of the National Academy of Management at Boston. Every member I talked to encouraged me to take the initiative to form the Conflict Management Group. I took the opportunity to announce the formation of the CMG at a symposium Managing Organizational Conflict at the above Academy meeting which I chaired. The response was great. Several persons who attended the symposium wanted to join the CMG. The Conflict Management Group was formed to encourage research, teaching, and training and development on managing social and organizational conflicts. Research, teaching, and training and development are being encouraged by facilitating the exchange of information among members, by sponsoring symposia/conferences, and by providing a computer based clearinghouse for the publications, research projects, and training and development activities of the members."

*The Conflict Management Group (CMG) became the International Association of Conflict Management (IACM).